Real color changing paint

Color changing paint – Paramagnetic Paint is the most exclusive paint tuning to exist.

Color changing paint is now reality it can be one single color or several single colors or a combination of colors.

Paramagnetic paint when energized on 12V it will “Lit” Up and you can change from one color to another color or when simultaneously energized it will provide a combined new additive color.

Not energized is color 1
Energized layer 1 is color 2
Energized layer 2 is color 3
Energized layer 1 + layer 2 is color 4

For use with HVLP equipment. For those without professional HVLP paint spray systems or equipment we recommend using electrical HVLP sprayers or airless sprayers for Paramagnetic paint.
Put the HVLP fluid flow to a minimum. The LitCoat Paramagnetic Paint 1 – 2 and 3 needs only to be applied very thin. 1 – 2 mils (0.025 – 0.05 mm) per layer is sufficient if applied conformal.

It provides the greatest advancement within the automotive industries.
Paramagnetic paint is multi layered electroluminescent paint system.

LitCoat paramagnetic paint is nano coating and consist of spray paint layers working together.

From principle it can be applied on everything but it is depending on the under-layer trace thickness and uniformity. In case of irregularity of the surface it would require treatment for a more homogeneous surface.

It goes on as every car paint. Once the paramagnetic paints are applied you apply your own clear top coat. As you know: car clear coat protects against weathering, ultraviolet rays and everyday wear. Besides that, paramagnetic paints are UV resistant.

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