Paramagnetic paint based on Thermohm paint

Paramagnetic paint is now commercial available as real paramagnetic paint for clients who want to have color changing paint.

Adjustable Heat Generating Paint, Thermohm is setting a whole new chapter in the paint industry.

Paramagnetic paint is also known as color changing paint and consist of layers of heat generating paint Thermohm™ and thermo color paint.

This first layer, Thermohm™ coating acts as a super capacitor to store energy to discharge it in plasmonic waves at short wavelength also know as far infrared.
The heat is generated by direct use of non-hazardous low-voltage sources (e.g. car/motorcycle 12/24 V battery or solar power) – ThermOhm Heat generating paint has a wide field of possible uses.

The waves of the electromagnetic heat generating paint Thermohm™ are oscillations of electrons confined at interfaces between a hierarchical crystalic thermo color pigmentation system.

Nanochemistry makes color changing paint possible.

The color changing paint system is based on cross-linking of heat generating paint and thermo color polymer chains. A cross-link is a bond that links one chain to another.  Simple nanochemistry at its best.

Our Paramagnetic paint system is an aqueous non-hazardous substance and non-dangerous. Aqueous means water-based or waterborne paint.

Application of Paramagnetic paint.

In general, apply a thin coat first that will dry and harden faster. With water based paint it is better to spray 2 thin coats rather than 1 thick coat.

No need for hot water on thermo paint job!

You can easily apply it on the inside for example on the hood even afterwards.